Make your Scentsy Customers feel VIP with just 6 cents

Constantly revamping your Customer Service is the KEY to long term success & FANTASTIC CUSTOMER BASE!   Here are some fun {and CHEAP} ways that I’m revamping…   Im so honored that Emily Parker, Director for team Shocking Scentsational Stars, asked me to go LIVE on her FACEBOOK team page!  What FUN!   I hope you […]

does he remember?

oh man!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted.   Sometimes life gets in the way, and that’s a beautiful thing!    But this is one of my favorite places to just empty my heart out.   Talk about what’s on my mind, when I get a chance to write it out.   Last night, […]

Customer & Sales Booster tip: use it or lose it =)

In direct selling, successful consultants are those who consistently plan ahead!  Today I’m sharing a QUICK tip that you can do TODAY to boost your customer base & paycheck for months to come!  

Leadership of Love – 4 simple tips part 1

Today, it really hit me how much time I save by doing certain things, or NOT doing them.  Living SMART is what I call it.  When I can CREATE an extra 15 minutes in my day, then THAT is SMART.  Here’s 4 different quick tips to help you “find more time” in your day!  2 […]

Today we say goodbye….

Today, we say goodbye to 48 Scentsy bars, 19 warmers, 5 essential oils, and more…..  Here’s the list & a link to shop if you see one of your favorites on this list!  CLICK HERE TO SHOP FROM MY WEBSITE: