you can make it easy… or you can lose a sale.

We are all busy.  Crazy so.  And the successful business owners keep that in mind when they market their business.

What makes one direct selling rep have repeat customers and another always have to find ‘new blood’?   Well, I believe it has a lot to do with how they market their business.

I have a motto that I truly live by, ‘Live Simply‘.  And that’s my aim in business, as well!

If you ask your customers & hostesses….  is working with you a simple process? What would they say?  

Well, I constantly try to look at things from the other side.  How do things appear to them?  Was this a simple process for them?  How can I have improved this transaction for her?  

And this thinking drives me forward….  let me explain:

Can I take 10 seconds and write reminders on my book?  If I EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE things… then who knows will comes across my message?  
My stickers do the talking when I can’t reasonably meet with everyone who comes in contact with my catalog.  What a loss it would be if a random stranger picked up and didn’t know that they could build the Scentsy Dream for just $99???

I NEVER KNOW who will pick up my catalog… so I prepare it ‘for the journey’.


If this is a fundraiser, or party, I’m going to include a handwritten note of some sort.  Even if it’s just to remind them of the tax rate, shipping info and a quick GOOD LUCK!   SHE’S A BUSY LADY!!!  IT’S MY JOB TO MAKE THIS A SIMPLE EXPERIENCE.  One day I’d like for her or someone she knows to do another event under me, and I do not want them to dread the effort involved.



Side note:  I keep any additional flyers to a MINIMUM!  I feel like it they’re over-whelmed, it cheapens the special feel of each.  I aim to put one current and one previous special flyer in with the order, or delivery, or basket and mark it CLEARLY:


image  image


If I’m preparing a basket party or fundraiser during a SALE MONTH like August, things get more complicated.  So I ask myself what would be the easiest for my hostess???   I put myself in their shoes!  And here’s what i do for them:  I simply copy the combine & save flyers right out of the catalog, and mark them up!!!  No confusion!




I LOVE making a complex and time consuming process simple!!!  For my basket parties and fundraisers, I use 20-30 testers instead of all 80!!!!  I make sure I place something clean, something manly, something fruity, something spicy, something floral, something musky, etc….  NEVER HAD A PROBLEM… but what I HAVE had is countless people say,” thanks for not over-whelming us”!!  I use a cute carrying case that zips or snaps… and I even include a cute little lotion or dryer disk, just to give everyone a chance to sample products they haven’t maybe tried yet.




I make check out a BREEZE!!!!  By highlighting or circling important & necessary info on your order forms, you make the hostess completely relax.




I hope showing these ideas help you brainstorm ideas of your own!  Keep it simple, and your customers will come back to you time and time again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can make it simple…. or in time, you can lose a sale.

Until tomorrow…. go simplify!!

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