would you follow the leader….

I LOVE when people confide in me.  About business or personal.  It makes me feel so special that they trust me with their ideas, or stories.  And in the last couple of weeks,  I’ve heard so many different people talk about their leaders.   It’s kinda strange actually…  how many different times it’s come up in conversation lately!    But this afternoon, I decided to write out my thoughts on here… things I have gathered from chatting with different random people who’ve opened up to me about leaders in their life…. NOT just leaders in business,  leaders period.

My pastor a couple of weeks ago taught on Leadership, and mentioned a very important thing about GOOD leaders:
Most amazing leaders in history, and in the Bible, started leading LONG before they ever received a title, or position… they lead because of a need.  Plain & simple.

I guess in many ways, we are ALL leaders.  In some capacity.
But many times we are so consumed with our own agenda that we ignore those that naturally follow us.  Or we complain about it.  Or do it grudingly.

Ok, I get it:  Life throws curve balls at everyone… and situations arise.  Shoot, even the President of the United States has back-up plans if something should get in HIS way of leading the country.  Why?  Because it’s THAT important.  

But guess what?  Anytime someone is leading another person… it’s THAT important.   No matter if it’s your toddler, or your corporate job.    
Your roles as a leader are important enough to SOMEONE that if you consistently have ‘hang ups’ that keep you from leading…. you should think about a permanent plan b.  


Ok, so one of my Scentsy downline was chatting about a leader she had heard speak a couple wks back…. (not me, but it is director under me) and she spoke of how amazing she was.  How that she shared ideas.   How she took time to answer questions and provided a path of learning that was exciting and helpful.    I saw the spark in this girl’s eyes as she spoke about this leader…  about how she didn’t make a dime off of her, but how she still took time with her.  I know that BECAUSE of this leader’s impact, this rep will succeed.  She will have a great journey.

Same day, I get a phone call from a discouraged girl who was super frustrated.  She had reached out to her sponsor and never heard anything back.   She then emailed. Nothing.  Not thinking she could reach out beyond her “chain of command” , she reluctantly called me, thinking she was doing something wrong.  (she wasn’t)

Why do some lead so naturally?  Why do some struggle with leadership?  Why do some do so well for months, and then hit brick walls in their leadership?

Could it have ANYTHING to do with them leading because of a need?   


True story:  I get to lead quite a few people in my Scentsy business.  It’s fun and wonderful…. but it’s NOTHING compared to getting to lead Luke.  I know in my heart that I’m responsible for answering his questions, training him to do things like clean his room, brush his teeth, having manners, and so much more.   I know that as his leader, I’m also responsible for paving a path of success for him to walk in… Including keeping things up around the house (healthy meals, clean clothes & house, etc.).   I don’t struggle with these things, in fact I’m DELIGHTED to do most of them, lol.  Why?  because being his Mommy is the greatest opportunity in the world.  I LOVE my job because I want to see HIM PROSPER and SUCCEED!  

( I haven’t always known the best methods or had natural ability, but I wouldn’t let a simple book, or video keep me from doing what I KNOW is best for him. )

So do you have a following?  you will when they start to see you care about them, and their success.  
IT doesn’t take a title.  It doesn’t take a paycheck.  It takes a desire & a  little time.  

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