winning his heart

Recently, as I was scanning my Facebook newsfeed, I ran across a post from a girl I’ve only met once.  And I’ve never met any of her family.  I don’ know anything about her.  But I immediately was drawn to her post:

He makes me smile. He loves God . He can fix anything. He is an awesome Dad. He loves Thin Mint GS cookies. He has a smile that melts my heart. He cranks my car on cold mornings. He always enjoys my cooking. He puts up with my lack of cleaning. He loves to have Redbox nights. He does the laundry. He has a passion for youth. He is not a morning person. He rubs my shoulders. He says prayers every night with all 4 children. He is very ticklish. He hates spiders. He cares about others. He’s my soul mate. 4 years ago today, he became my husband and I am still learning new things everyday!♡Happy Anniversary to Us♡ I love you more than the Melting Pot!:)


And just like that…  I realized that she was SUCCESSFUL at winning the heart of her husband.  Isn’t that what we tried to do so hard in the beginning???  And after time passes, we get more and more lax.  (maybe it’s just me)

And then once or twice a year (Valentine’s Day & anniversary) I try to make up for lost time.

What if we tried to win the heart of our loved ones more than a couple times a year???  What if we tried hard to do the things we KNEW they associated with LOVE.  (After reading the 5 Love Languages book, by Gary Chapman, (buy the audio version here for cheap)  I realized that not all people associate love with the same action.  Like, for me, quality time & touch show me Marcus adores me.  When he washes the dishes or sweeps the hardwood floors… it honestly doesn’t communicate love to me.  But to him…  Acts of service and words of affirmation show him I cherish him!

The bottom line for me:    do something, anything, a little at a time… for random reasons…. to show we adore our loved ones.  


on the 10th of a random month… I should bake a little cake for Luke, just because I want him to know how very special it was on the 10th of a certain month 7 yrs ago when he was born.  WHY DO I WAIT ALL YEAR TO MAKE HIM FEEL TREASURED????

taking Marcus out for lunch at the same place we ate when I started to really fall for him.  (and eat the middle of his cookie JUST LIKE I used to ‘back then’.)

There’s so many ways we can show we care.  This girl’s Facebook post just really made me think.  And I realize that a mushy post like this may not be some of our “styles”… but between all 5 of the love languages, I’m thinking one of them will do.  =)  

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