why hold back?

I’ve been asked to share my “Scentsy story” many times.  (This isn’t going to be one of them though) But my fun journey with this INCREDIBLE company all stems from one RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS.

I never tell my story without it.  Cause there would be no story to tell.

I learned about Scentsy because of a single wax bar, given as a random “just because” gift from my sweet mother-in-law (what a cutie!).

We didn’t even live in the same state!  I was living in Florida, she in Texas.

Here’s my belief: what someone is waiting on your random gift to start their journey of a LIFETIME?


The next time you find yourself spinning around in circles, getting no where in your Scentsy business…  think of my story.  Imagine the possibilities that could come from giving more!




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