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Yesterday, I wrote some about how to successfully prepare to be away from your office some during the summer.   I gave real examples of a voicemail and an auto reply for your email.   Today I want to focus on another way to prepare….

This time, it has to do more with your team of reps/consultants.  Even if you have 1 person in your organization/team, they DESERVE to know when you’ll be gone for a few days.   Like they say….it’s just good business.   LOL

Here are some ways to prepare your team for your absence:

1) Communicate!  Make sure they know that you’re going to be out of pocket for a few days or a week.  That way they understand ahead of time, why you aren’t engaging with them!!!  Here’s a sample message you could send:

pizap.example communication for DL about abscence

2) Delegate!!!  You can take this opportunity to prepare a future leader on your team!  Imagine how THRILLED she’ll be when you call her and say this:::

pizap.EXAMPLE communication of preparing a leader for your abscence

You need to then give her a list of things you’d like her to do during your time away… (and TRULY let her have the reins when you give them to her!).  For instance, one of my leaders might be in charge of posting 1 inspiration tip or business idea each day.  She also may be in charge of adding new recruits to the page, and monitoring the page for questions that go unanswered by the group.

3) Go ahead and have some fun graphics ready to celebrate your return.  (hey, you could even have a fun one saved for when you leave too!)  Google will provide so many neat ideas…. here’s a couple I’ve used in the past:

while I'm away-- be awesome     Be Back Soon sign i-ll-be-back-soon-2   I'm Back   did-you-miss-me, I'm back   im-back & better than ever


Good Luck as you plan to take some time of this summer!  Remember, if you plan carefully, your business will be stronger than ever when you return!  But the key is to successfully prepare!!!

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