what i learned I can live without!

Yesterday, I stayed strong!  I had my ‘electronic-free-Friday!’ instead of just my typical Facebook free Friday.  And it was GREAT!  I got amazing things done, and Luke got to see me struggle, but over-come my addition!  LOL  That’s exactly what it is, ya know?  Addition to instant information, and updates, and pretty much addition to time-wasters!  Although I did have to ask him to hide my phone & ipad, he saw that I conquered!    He got the BIGGEST KICK out of getting to hide it from me.  (Ah, the things that 6 yr olds think is amusing!)

So today, I feel refreshed.  I am rejoicing this morning at what I accomplished yesterday, even if it was just snuggling with Luke in bed!   Yesterday was a success!  

Before nap, we each grabbed a book, read quietly for about 15 minutes, and then took turns sharing about what we read!  It was SOOOO much fun that I honestly think it’s something we will do periodically!    He thought it was neat for me to listen to him retell his story, and I thought it was neat to share with him about having faith, which was the topic of my reading.

I had time to lift weights, and work out a little!  I cleaned out, and organized!

Just like a good cleanse for the body, I think doing without for a while (even if it was just 24 hours) helped me understand the proper balance  I need.

Facebook is something I use for my business, not just personally.  I have over 700 scentsy reps in my downline, and have had 1,200 at one time… Facebook & email help all of us connect and network.  But I find this morning, I seem to actually ‘hear’ time creeping away in that other room as my son plays, waiting on me.

So I manage my FB time more wisely this am.  This isn’t something I normally do well.  Normally, I waste so much time on Facebook just scrolling through stranger’s posts and pictures.   Not this morning!   Today, I got on to do JUST the things I need to do, and shut it off.    Did I feel sad about missing out on that extra 15 minutes of ‘playing’?  Nope, today, it actually felt unnecessary.  But just a couple of days ago, it felt like “relaxation”!!!!    My, what a cleanse helps you see!

Same idea with the T.V.

Yesterday, Luke and I cooked together, played together, and napped together!  But here’s the UNEXPECTED PART:  I GOT MORE DONE for my business yesterday, than I have in weeks.   Things I usually pay my assistant to do, I found I had plenty of time to tackle yesterday.

I am so exciting about my results, I plan to do it again soon…  Why don’t you try it with me??

I’m proof…. you CAN live without your phone, computer, iPad and more for a day.


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