What God did yesterday…

I’m still in shock and amazement over what happened yesterday.  Let me tell ya that prayer works!   And that God used some pretty amazing things to help my body reverse a disease that is considered ‘irreversible’ .

For almost 5 years I’ve had some very crazy symptoms and at last, almost 7 months ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS.  I had never even heard of it before, and I walked out of that doctor’s appointment with a handful of fliers and brochures.

Although it was a relief to finally KNOW what was wrong with me…. the more I read, the meaner this disease sounded.  (if you aren’t familiar with PCOS, heres a quick read that will be helpful:  http://www.livestrong.com/article/337160-polycystic-ovary-syndrome-hair-loss-and-diet-nutrition/ )

But I was determined to do what was best for my body… So I researched and found what diet to be on and how to exercise.  (when you google PCOS DIET, you have quite a wealth of info)  I joined the PCOS facebook support group, and dug my heels in.

But nothing happened.   Even though I was taking PCOS appropriate vitamins/minerals and  birth control, lifting weights and exercising, cutting out carbs, eating veggie rich diet, etc…   My hormones were a mess, I STILL couldn’t have a period, and I knew this was going to be quite a fight.

Two weeks ago, at convention, my sweet friend, Barbie, told me about the Lemonade Cleanse (Master Cleanse) and I decided it was worth a try.  I needed to shed those extra 20 pounds anyway.  Marcus decided to do it with me.  And without much research (which is TOTALLY unlike me) we started the cleanse.  And would you know for the FIRST TIME IN ALMOST 5 YRS, my ovaries began to function.  I was F.L.O.O.R.E.D.  I  knew that the cleanse was to blame, cause I had tried so many things before.  And here on day 3 of this cleanse… a miracle was happening.  I was having the first period of almost 5 yrs.  I ALSO was losing inches in my tummy and upper body (PCOS AREAS).

Now, heres the background info.  My last doc appt  hadn’t gone too well.  It was the week before convention and 2 wks before we started the cleanse.  The doc had said cancer twice in the visit, and ordered 3 pages of lab work for me to have done.  And he even mentioned surgery.

So do you see where this is going?????  My doctor’s appointment yesterday seems like a dream.  I had the ultrasound, which would tell them exactly how ‘bad’ things were.  How thick my lining was, and how badly the cysts were.

But the exact words I heard were “you look golden”.

No cysts.
Nothing scary.
NO signs of pre-menopause.

All she said was that I needed a higher dose of birth control to help me with my estrogen levels.  That’s it.

And we watch… and wait…  to see if the symptoms continue to subside.

That’s it.

Oh and she told us to GO CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can hardly believe it, even now.  Looking back, I had peace during this time of struggle. While doing the cleanse, I was a total wreak ‘hormonally’ and ‘physically’. Much more than Marcus, and more than I had with any other diet or cleanse.  And now I see why.

God was working a miracle.

Later I did some research and found that Lemonade Cleanse creates pH levels that disease and even cancers cannot live in. It has to do with alkalizing your body.  WHO KNEW?!  Here’s the recipe and the information on how & why:

Huge thanks to God for healing my body.  I still plan to do this cleanse once a month for 4-5 days, and keep up my ‘clean eating’ and exercising.   If you know anyone with PCOS, please share my story with them.  Or have them contact me if they have questions…

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