what began as heartbreak…

About 2 weeks ago, Marcus & I got into it.  (yeah, the Godwins are like everyone else, lol)  I’m not really sure what it was over, but some hurtful things were said, actually really mean things.  And I was devastated!

So, when he came to apologize the next morning, I was still hurting and I came up with a plan!!!  It really was just something I came up with to hopefully begin to heal my heart….

I ask him to tell me 1 thing each day that he LOVES about me.  I told him he had to do it until I felt my heart was healed!!  (which could take a month! =) hehehehe )

Anyway, I’m blown away by how this is woking for me…  I think it’s helping him too!  And guess what???  I don’t even have to remind him!  Some of the things have been surprising.

I cannot lie, I wake up wondering what he will say each new day!

Now, the moral of this story isn’t to be mushy or whatever… the moral is this:

What if BOTH of us did this…  for a month or a week.  What if we took turns and did a month at a time?  Would it be the single one action that kept us close?  Would doing this enable us to focus on the positives more, instead of the negative?  I’m willing to try it, because I know how awesome it has made me feel.

I hope you try it too!  Even if you don’t, like, make an agreement or pact to do this…  determine to randomly say 1 thing you love each day to someone you love.  It just may make a bigger difference than you think!

Maybe set the challenge for yourself that from now until Valentine’s day….  

Hey, and honestly, I’ve started doing this to Luke, too!  One thing, each day… he doesn’t even realize that I’ve planned this out in my heart!!!

Until tomorrow, go love on someone!  =)


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