un-doing the over-doing!

The holidays have been a blur. But what stands out to me right now, as I look in the mirror, is my belly! LOL I really over did it!   And not just how much I ate, but WHAT I have eaten, has left it’s mark…. on my waistline. =(

Thankfully, I have the lemonade cleanse. I am not the least bit worried.  In fact, I leave for Mexico the first of January on my earned Scentsy trip… and I am confident I’ll be swim suit ready. =) Well, confident as long as I start throwing away these Christmas left overs!  haha

So many people have done the Master Cleanse (lemonade cleanse) with fantastic results… and I’m definitely on that list. Many of you may have read my miracle story way back last summer (PCOS and how 5 days on the cleanse lead to a CLEAR ULTRASOUND!!! YAY!!!!!!) If you missed it, click here to read it.

The benefits of the cleanse go further than just the average “I lost 12 pounds” (which is INCREDIBLE, don’t get me wrong).   I love it when someone messages me with a photo of the new look they have, but what I LOVE is knowing that we also are losing something far more important than a few extra pounds!  We are doing something amazing for our future selves!


Quite a few of us are starting the cleanse in January to ‘undo’ some of the ‘over-doing’ we did during the holidays! I hope you’ll join us!!! Think how awesome it will be to do a cleanse and not feel like you’re starving to death? You’ll start feeling better, looking better, and cleansing out the toxins that have been building up in you for years!

I challenge you to start 2014 geared to creating a healthier, better YOU!

Click below to learn more about the cleanse & what it takes to start!



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