Tuesday Training Tip 6-28


By Erin Fluharty: (Scentsy director)
(Photo inspired by April Day-Croley) star director
I share this a lot with my new teammates ! It could be helpful in a way I hadn’t thought of! I know we are always learning from one another!
Here is my list of Scentsy success ideas:

1: take goodies to the bank when making deposits and withdrawals
2: take goodies to the post office when mailing products/cards, etc
3: ask your favorites nail/spa/salon/vet/doc, etc If you can set up a warmer with some biz products as a courtesy to them and leave for a week – come back and refresh the wax, bring goodies for the staff
4: car dealerships and real estate offices have tons of people in them that you could offer the warmer set up and specific products to cater to their needs
5: ask for referrals. Create a referral program to get word of mouth referrals and offer something special in return
6: get off Facebook; go old school – make some phone calls to those that ordered from you when you first signed up (if they haven’t ordered since) and see what they think of their products
7: reach out to all current clients and tell them (a) you want to sent them a Christmas card and confirm their address (b) tell them about your new referral program
8: when getting groceries bring five goody bags and go up to people and just say “I’m a new consultant, just trying to get my name out there, no strings attached, this goody bag is for you”
9: cashiers – you will thrown them off their game by bringing them something; they don’t make a whole lot and no one thinks of them. Even if it’s just a sample or a scent circle; you will be remembered
10: when I started making a little more money, I invested in my car vinyl and also business card magnets; the vinyl for the rear window will showcase your biz without doing any work – loading groceries at target a lady asked me for a catalog, simple. The magnets for “time to restock” cards are awesome because people won’t throw them out like paper. Stick them to cars

Hope this helps a little. I’m happy to give my ideas but love hearing others ideas too!

Good luck as you put Erin’s tips into place!
Tuesday Training Tips


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