Tuesday Training Tip 6-14

So here’s the very first Tursday Training Tip

Be real with people, be real with yourself!

#1 – understand that EVERYONE struggles with sales & recruiting in the “j” months like June & July & Jan. (Just let it sink in.)

#2 – then get ready to fight for your paycheck : ask 10 people a week : “are you using Scentsy?” See where it leads! Just remember to get THEIR INFO by asking them if they’d like to be included in your customer list so you can share specials with them!

#3 – use this “downtime” to refresh your skills! Watch a training, organize your office, create a mobile office (click this to see mine: https://youtu.be/sl8FWIIr7yE )

#4 – here’s the real part, don’t pretend that orders will just fall into your lap. You gotta fight for this, but fight smart! I find the people who do fundraisers are more satisfied & successful in the summer months than ANYONE ELSE! Get a fundraiser, and there’s tons of cool ideas to help you nail one before this “j” month is over right here on my blog!


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