Tribute to Dads

imageToday, being Father’s Day, I wanted to share my thoughts on Fatherhood!  I’m blessed so much!  Marcus is such a great Daddy and selflessly takes that role on without hesitation.   I’ve never seen him waiver.  I’m so thankful for him! I’ve learned so much from watching him with his two older children, and now with Luke.

I am shocked at how many in our world were raised without Fathers.  Or those who were raised with sick examples.  And proud of all of those who stand up & commit to being the Father they never had.   Hats off to those who change the family tree for the better!!!

To me, Fathers have that natural ability to guide by example…. I watch my son with Marcus….  The way he picks up mannerisms and ideas, without even being ‘taught’ these things.  For me, it’s a beautiful thing.   I picked up quite a few things from watching my own Father:

a positive outlook,  my nose (haha),  the internal drive to succeed,  eating healthy & making healthy choices,  being firm as a parent & seeing to Luke’s LONG TERM success instead of giving in for what he wants today, musical ability, appreciation for church & love for God, determination to save $$,  work ethic,  I could go on and on…

and for all us with Dad’s, I’m sure you can name a few things too.  They weren’t perfect, but we are who we are because  of something they passed to us.  And for those awesome souls, without father figures, YOU inspire me.

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