tip to make good money from Facebook

Wanna make MONEY off of Facebook?
Here’s something that WORKS:

1) privately message someone from each of these categories. And share the appropriate one with them.



2) ask them to post this picture to their wall & TAG YOU & post your WEBSITE!!! (You may want to give them an OPTIONAL script) here’s an example:
Just spreading the word that my _______ (your name here) sells SCENTSY, and she’s awesome at it! So awesome that if you order & give her MY NAME I get something free💜 she takes orders by message & on her website: (your website here)

3) next, tell them what’s in it for THEM! Tell them for every order that comes in as a result of their post, you’ll give them something FREE from the catalog!!!
This is up to you! It could be samples, or full sized things! Here’s what I’ve used in the past:
💚1 order $20+ or more- free bar!!!
💚2 orders of $20+ ea – free bar & circle!!!
💚3 orders of $20+ ea – free bar & room spray!!!
💚4 orders of $20+ ea – free night light warmer!
💚5 orders $20+ orders – free element warmer!
💚More than 6? The deal gets SUPER GOOD!

4) If they start getting 2,3 or 4 orders in, THIS IS WHEN you need to message them about turning it into a basket of fb party!!!

You are giving away prizes to get them to advertise for you. If you aren’t comfortable with the prizes, change them up. But remember: if just 7 people did this for you
And your name got “out” there and you sold even 2) $20 orders for each person that participated, that’s $280 PRV!!! And you never left your home.

Plus think of the FUTURE orders & recruits all because you got your name out there!! 💚 #worthittome #advertisingtheSmartWay

dont forget to share your success stories with me!!!

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