things I can’t afford =(

This week has taught me a good lesson, again.  Why am I SOOOOO hardheaded??  You’d think I had never learned the hard way, the way I have to be shown all over again!

It all started last week… I had quite a lot on my plate and I won’t go into details, but it was tons of ‘little’ extras.  You know those weeks when it piles up, right?  And I felt like a train, building momentum to just crash into the side of a mountain at any time when the rails stopped.

Of course, I’ve been in that place before.  Well, several times.  Tell me you have too, right?

Well, I took inventory of things and assessed the situation… cause I HATED how my spirit was and how short fused I was… and oh I just hated that cloud of miserable-ness that was following me everywhere!

And once again, I learned that there are a few things I just cannot afford.

I cannot afford to skip my quiet time in the morning!  Why it took me 6 days to realize this, I don’t know!   I try to start my day off with time in my Bible.   I sometimes just read a Proverb for the day.  There’s 31 of them, so it works out to keep me on schedule.  (yes, I had 7 to read yesterday!!!  That should teach me not to skip! LOL)    Other times, I read different passages.  It depends.   Then I pray.  I’m not a get-beside-the-bed-for-hours prayer warrior, but I’m a little-all-the-time-throughout-the-day girl.   I ALWAYS start my chat with God out with things I’m thankful for… sometimes, I never even get to anything else.  I have so many things to tell Him THANKS for.  

I usually don’t have time right then in the morning following my Bible time… but at some point (even before bed) I love to find time for reading this book too:


It was a gift last Christmas from one of the sweetest people I know in North Carolina!  Christy sent it to “just because” and maybe had no clue how badly I needed it!   It’s changed my life, one page at a time.  It has heavy subject matter, and is maybe the only book in my life I couldn’t read cover-to-cover in a day or two.  I need time to digest these pages.  Sometimes I stop for the day MID-PAGE, which is DEFINITELY not like my OCD self!  haha

(you can get this book here .   It’s a New York Times BESTSELLER and Amazon top 10!  I plan to send it to 3 people for christmas this year and continue Christy’s gift.)

Anyway, whether it’s the craziest festival day or a vacation day….  I’ve GOT to take time for me.   Instead of Facebook and Pinterest and T.V. (which usually come WITHOUT FAIL several times in my day for 5, 10 and even 15 minutes at a time!)……

I KNOW there’s something else that completes me, and prepares me for daily success…. it’s my quiet time.   Quiet time in prayer, and His Word.

I’m sure I’ll fail at times in the future, to remember how amazing my days can be when I give myself to Him first thing in the morning even before I reach for my phone….  but I’m also sure that it won’t take but just a little before I realize how sorry my days can be without it.

I hope you are finding a moment at the start of your day, too! Even if you missed it this morning….      tomorrow….

wake up & be awesome

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