the worst party I EVER did….

We ALL want to have successful home parties and events.  But it doesn’t ALWAYS turn out that way, right?  And sometimes I’ve heard people say, “Well, you never can tell”.  And I wonder how much truth is in that?


My second year of selling Scentsy, I got word through my mom-in-law that a lady at the local car dealership wanted to host a party for me!!!!!!  How exciting!!!  So I did all the things a good rep does:

1) phone call to introduce myself and set date and details
2) set date 2 wks out to allow PLENTY of time for her get the word out and send out invitations
3) next day, I delivered the PARTY PREP PACK to her at the dealership (invitations, 2 catalogs, 20 testers, and order forms)
4) called to check on her 2 days after I delivered the party prep pack, to make sure she did not have any questions or need more invitations.
5) called 2 days before the party

So far, so good!

Party Day!
I show up at the dealership on Sunday afternoon (where she wanted to have the party) and not a car was in sight!  (well, except the ones for sale, of course!!).  Doors locked.  Party started at 2, I’m there 45 minutes early.  Oh and this is JULY!  HOT!!!  So I stay in my car and wait…and wait.  Then I start calling at 1:45… no answer.  2 o’clock comes, and I’m the only one ready to party!  UGH!  I stay until 3 pm thinking that MAYBE she messed up the invites.  Maybe at 3 pm everyone would start showing up, right???  Nope.  Not a soul!!!  Not even a random person looking for a vehicle!!!  LOL  And worse?  she wouldn’t pick up her phone or return a text.  Nothing.

I left with my tail tucked between my legs, so to speak!  Definitely not a highlight moment in my 4 year journey.

I spent the 30 minute drive home trying to figure out where I went wrong… or more importantly, what could I have done to prevent this?

It would have been easy to say she was a jerk, low life.  It would have been nice to throw every ounce of the blame onto her.

But I knew there was a lesson to be learned, and I was gonna learn it for sure cause I NEVER, EVER wanted that to happen again!!!

None of the activities I did before the party were bad.  In fact, I use that ‘2’ system I posted above to this day.  So even though it gave no results this time, those practices were fine.  It wasn’t that.

I can remember asking myself over & over “when did she decide not to go through with the party?”.  I WANTED to know that answer!  Was it when she first met me in person? Was it when I gave her the invitations? Was it when she invited her friends but no one RSVP’ed and she was discouraged and embarrassed?
And I decided that it could have been any of the above!  No help there either.

So it clearly wasn’t something I did… but maybe it was something I DIDN’T do!!
1)  Maybe I didn’t make it easy enough to send out the invitations!  Perhaps I should’ve set up a certain time to pick them back up from her and mail them out myself.

2)  Maybe I didn’t get her EXCITED about the event.  Perhaps I could’ve left a little goody for her office to get her excited!!! (room spray?)  Maybe JUST FOR FUN she could’ve picked out her top 3 wish list items from the catalog when I dropped off the Party Prep Pack… and then I could’ve SURPRISED her by telling her that if she got 12 people at the party, one of her top 3 would be ON ME, in addition to all the fun, free & 1/2 price hostess rewards!

3)  Maybe she lost interest as it got closer to time because life got in the way?  Perhaps I could’ve offered a little treat for her bringing $100 in preorders before the party started!  Then she’d have been too focused on collecting orders to have a change of mind.

So I decided on the way home that day, that I wouldn’t leave ANYTHING to chance again. ever!
And these are the practices I keep to this day for almost every home party or basket party I have done.  And the great news…. is I’ve never had a NO-SHOW party since.

Lessons learned hard are learned best!
Hope these little ideas help you have EXTRA successful parties & events!!!
Until Tomorrow….

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