the why problem

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve mentored direct sellers and the ‘why problem’ comes up.   So that’s a real deal-breaker, for sure.  Especially when you’re trying to jump start your business or do something like, EARN A FREE CANCUN VACATION!!!

So, when I’m mentoring someone –  the first thing I ask them to do, is to tell me why they sell.  In listening to their story, I can quickly identify if they’re passionate, or if they’re hum-drum.  NO ONE WANTS TO BUY FROM HUM-DRUM.   The passionate ones share their stories and I sometimes CRY when I hear it.  They aren’t afraid to share details, and in those details I find a connection that makes even ME want to buy from them…. even though I sell the SAME PRODUCT!  lol

Why do you sell?  If it’s for ‘more money’ then you’re probably not passionate or enthusiastic ENOUGH to be a huge success.  Why don’t you attach a TANGIBLE OBJECT that ‘more money’ will buy.   Private school, piano lessons, pool,  etc…  (those are just the ‘p’s I thought of! )

Now that you have your object….. tell your story, of why that is dear to your heart!

If you’re kinda emotional about it…… it’s your WHY!  

When you find your why, you begin to sell differently.  Believe me, I’ve sold for months without knowing my “why” and when I found it, things began moving in fast forward!  Maybe, you need to find your WHY, and share it more.  Don’t just post on Facebook “I’m $130 away from reaching my personal goal this month”  INSTEAD SAY:
“I ALMOST have enough money to take Eric on the 2nd honeymoon this summer!!!   I cannot believe how far I’ve come  but I need to sell just $130 more this month to reach my goal!!!  If you need Scentsy, please let me know!  I’d love to help!”

When you are generous with sharing your why, people will be generous in sending their orders!   Perhaps, your business is HUM-DRUM because your why is hum-drum.  Or maybe you have an AWESOME WHY, but aren’t sharing it ENOUGH!

CHALLENGE:  Why don’t you challenge yourself to tell at LEAST 1 person per day about your WHY.   It may come up in conversation at the grocery.  Or it could be that you text 5 people the message I gave you above (insert your own why).  Make a picture of your why, and hang it somewhere to inspire you every day.

“You cannot be inspiring unless you’re inspired” – Mary Christensen

Your why should be the why for this summer ( or even this month) , not your long-term financial goals.  Believe it or not, your family & friends want to see you succeed, so share it, but they need to know it’s time-senstive.  Like our Scentsy Can-Do Cancun incentive trip!!!!  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity….  and you KNOW you can do it!   Adopt that WHY until you can determine your own.

Good luck!  I know that when you find & share your why, you’ll be more successful in your home based business.  I’ve seen it happen over & over again.

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