if you’re on the fence… I’ll persuade ya!

Scentsy hasn’t too long ago opened Spring Sprint registration!  It’s kind of like mini-convention.  And it rocks.  I can’t imagine missing it! When I look back at the different events I’ve gone to, I can’t imagine missing out!  The training is awesome, and the giveaways… well, they’re always over-the-top.

But the REAL Value is in the networking.  I learn so much from our Scentsy family.  Not only the rockstars, but the newbies, as well!   The amazing friendships I’ve built as a result of being at these events is PRICELESS.

Whether it’s a structured time….  

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or maybe it’s free time…..








Or CrAzY time…..

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Count me IN!!!   If you’re reading this and trying to make up your mind about a scentsy event…  do it!  You’ll never know until you GO!

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