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I’m still on cloud 9 from all the amazing ideas I learned during Scentsy Reunion!  And as I promised, I’m going to be sharing them on here a little at a time….   but remember, all the best ideas won’t help your business one bit, unless you determine to DO THEM!  Here’s an easy one for you to try out:

The Try Me Party!
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Here’s how it works: 

“Try Me Party” should be offered to those who could use a little extra cash!  Or a little extra FREE SCENTSY!  or BOTH!!!!!!!!!    It’s their no obligation chance to get a ‘feel’ for how Scentsy would do for them as a consultant!   But there’ only PROS no CONS!  Why?  Because even worse-case-scenario…. they’re going to get lots of FREE & 1/2 price Scentsy!  

1) They should book a date with you around the last 10 days of the month!  
2) Provide them with all the normal party supplies (catalogs, order forms, testers, samples, calculator, pens, etc…)  
3) You coach them to get to $500 in sales and to get 1 booking.  
4) Then, when they turn in the party 3 days before the end of the month, you total it up, and tell them what they’re first paycheck would be just from this FIRST party if they became a consultant!   It’s pretty amazing!  
5) Then you look at all the free and 1/2 price items they’re going to get already.   But make sure you circle that commission amount, so they can easily reference it later if they don’t make the decision right then & there!   ( I highlight it usually! )
6) Then they have 24 hours to make their decision.  Go over the price of the kit, and explain how that we get paid on the 10th of the following month.  So they’d purchase their starter kit, and on the 10th they’d get their commission to reimburse the cost of the kit.  PLUS, inform them on the value of the amazing Starter Kit!!!  (Talk about a DOUBLE YAY!!!)
7) You promised no obligation, so take no with a smile!  It may not be their perfect timing.

8) But more times than not, they cannot resist, and they sign up!  Schedule a time THAT DAY to place the orders with her!  This is her first party, but those customers placed the orders with YOU, so you are obligated to stay within the 3 day limit.  Hold on to them, and only turn the order forms over after you guys place the order.  

Can you contact 5 people RIGHT NOW to book a TRY ME PARTY?  It’s so fun, and they LOVE the no pressure approach!  Have fun with them!  Make sure you share your results with me!

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