the lemonade REVOLUTION!

I’m not sure what God’s doing…. but when I see Him opening a door, I second guess it sometimes until He SHOVES me through it!!!  And I’ve been shoved the last few weeks…. and it’s the BEST FEELING EVER!!!!!!!   I shared my story of how the lemonade cleanse actually healed my PCOS so much that the doctors have no explanation on how the cysts were there so bad one visit they were saying ‘cancer’ over and over….   and the next visit, nothing. Not one cyst.   I wrote out all the details on this blog a couple weeks ago (entitled “what God did yesterday” but now that I think about it, I should’ve named that post “NOW YA SEE ‘EM, NOW YA DON’T!!!!”  LOL )  Anyway!  I am amazed by how many people are JUST like I was and wanting to take a step out of their comfort zone to detox their bodies!!!  And I’m blown away by the stories I’m hearing!!!   Here’s just one of the amazing stories that was shared on our new Lemonade Cleanse Facebook INFO/SUPPORT group !  If you haven’t yet, you should join us!

Here’s the story someone just posted:

My 10 Day journey on the Master Cleanse was started because I thought I might have a kidney stone.  We all have things that go on inside our bodies that we put up with and sometimes scare us a little.  We don’t always go to the doctor or address these fears to others.  I have plenty of concerns.

1.  Possible Kidney stones

2.  Face Cancer because of places on my face

3.  Back pain in general

4.  Overweight:  Lots of stomach fat

5.  Joint pain, ect.


All of these great reasons to start this cleanse.

After sharing my kidney stone concern with Laura.  She started telling me about what the cleanse had done for her.  I was amazed and intrigued by her results!  I decided I wanted to go for it, but still wondering if I had the will power to sustain that many days.


I asked Joey (my honey) if he would go on a cleanse with me.   He said he would.  He is such a good and supportive husband!  No you can’t have him!


I then started to tell some of my dearest friends to pray for me on my journey.  I can’t tell you how often I would get a text, phone call, or FB message encouraging me.  I definitely felt those prayers.  I told God I couldn’t do this without Him.  I needed His strength.

You see…I’m like so many of you, I LOVE  to EAT!!!

I was concerned that I would be hungry, grumpy, ect.

The 1st day started out great and yes we were wanting to eat, but still strong in our efforts.  You see I said WANTING to eat, not NEEDING to eat.

The 2nd day I was drained completely.  I felt I needed to lay down all day.

The 3rd day I detoxed quite a bit!  I also had lost 5 lbs. in 2 days.  That gave me encouragement to continue.

The 4th day I felt probably the best I had felt.

The 5th day-7th day were pretty much the same for me.  I realized a lot during this time how I liked the thought of eating, but that I wasn’t hungry.  Smells at first tortured me, but as the week went on it got better.

The 8th Day was the WORST day for me!  I got up and started my day pretty normal.  I went to town and after I came home I felt like I had flu symptoms.  I felt exhausted and like I needed to lie down.  As the night progressed I felt bad.  I was in the tub reading FB and one of my friends posted a link about a women who had a heart attack.  As I read I got a little scared.  I was experiencing all those symptoms.  I Googled heart attack symptoms and I was having every one of the symptoms.  Yes, I was scared.  I did go to bed that night and woke up the next morning feeling so much better.  Thank God!

The 9th day was so different.  It was my best day since the 4th Day.

Now it’s Day 10 and I’m ready to start some major changes in my life.

I’m so proud of my husband for going on this cleanse with me.  He has lost 13 lbs. and I have lost 12 lbs.


On to Better Heath for Joey and Robbin!

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