That kind of friend

“I’m a success today because I had a friend who

believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let

him down.”   ― Abraham Lincoln


Here’s one of the quotes shared with us during Scentsy leadership retreat in Cancun.  It is soooo good when you think of it.

Will Luke say one day…. ” I’m a success today, because my Mommy believed I could be….”

Will someone walk up to me at convention/family reunion this year, and say to me…  ” I’m headed for success , because you believed I could….”

Will one of my piano students call me one day after achieving something fabulous, and say, ” I’m successful today, because when I took piano, you told me I could be awesome….”

Who knows who we inspire??!!   Someone we know may be  just one compliment or smile away from being inspired to become amazing.    In Abraham Lincoln’s case, it was his friend.

I want to be THAT KIND of friend.  I want to be THAT KIND of parent.  I want to be THAT KIND of teacher.  I want to be THAT KIND of wife.  I want to be THAT KIND of Scentsy leader.

True success doesn’t have anything to do with income, or trophies.  It has to do with knowing we made a difference in the areas that TRULY MATTER.

I want to lead a more positive life so that the encounters I have with people, family & strangers & friends, leave more of an impression.  Every smile, kind deed, compliment & gift is our chance of making a difference….
make a diff
All it takes is a moment.   To change a life forever.

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