thanking God for my fender-bender

Life has been in the fast lane for the last few months….  and I’ve struggled to keep up with it.  As a result, my writing has been on the back burner…….  but I’m COMMITTED to this, cause God’s laid it on my heart.  And it’s good for me, to think out my thoughts, and get it written out.  Maybe that’s why I’ve struggled so much lately to find balance.   Or maybe I just had to take a break, because it was the one thing that could wait.  

I, like so many others, love to focus on being ‘especially’ thankful during he month of November.  And I, like the rest of you, have a hard time choosing just 1 thing to highlight each day out of all the many, many blessings in my life.  (don’t worry, I don’t have a list for you, nor do I intend to do this everyday on my blog.)  But I have to share one special thing I’m thankful for:

I’m always thankful for God’s hand of protection as I travel.  But last night, that thankfulness was put to the test.   I was involved in a small accident, nothing major.  And as I drove off,  in my mind, I was aggravated, doing a little pity-party.  Never once thinking, “It could’ve been worse”.  

And then…. less than an hour up the road, both lanes were stopped for ages as we approached a much worse wreak. It could’ve been me.  it most likely WOULD HAVE BEEN ME if I hadn’t of been swiped by the car in my fender-bender.  

Before whining and belly-aching about my little boo-boo, I should have been focused on the blessings.

God is good.

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