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 Quick Quiz for you (if you own a business or work with people)

1) When is the last time you spoke to a customer about a topic regarding someone in their family?   
1 pt-  don’t remember the last time
5 pts-  within the last 6 months!
10 pts- within the last month!

2) Can you name a customer or team member spouse’s name without looking?
1 pt-  none
5 pts-  I remember 1 spouses name!
10 pts- I remember 3 spouses names!

3) When you meet a customer in person, you search to find 1 thing they’re wearing to genuinely compliment them on.  
1 pt-  I haven’t tried that
5 pts-  sometimes
10 pts- every time

4) Do you know why your newest team member decided to join your team? Like what they want from their Scentsy experience?  
1 pt-  no
5 pts-  I’ve asked, but no response yet.
10 pts- Yes! 

5) In the last 30 days, I’ve had real conversations with _____ customers or cream members that lasted more than 5 minutes!  
1 pt- 1 person
5 pts-  3 people
10 pts- over 5 people



if you scored lower than a 26….  you can DRASTICALLY IMPROVE your paycheck with just 3 simple practices!!!

Are You Ready - 3D Words




 One of the biggest things we can do in life to succeed (regardless of what we have invested) is to have a “give more than you take” philosophy! 

In my Scentsy business, I meet people as customers, and if I am lucky one day…. they’ll sign up to become one of my scentsy family consultants, join my team, and allow me to be their sponsor & mentor!  What fun!!!   

So I want to share some neat ideas that has helped me gain great success in my self-employed journey as a home based business owner!  and yes, it’s all about giving more than you take!   These are practices that EVERY successful business owner needs to master early on!


“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”   
― Dale CarnegieHow to Win Friends and Influence People       People seriously LOVE talking about themselves, their family, their grandchildren, hobbies, sports teams, etc.  And when you decide to figure out what interests them, and make a point to discuss them in conversation…. then you’ll be more likely to gain friendships that last a lifetime!  You’ll never be successful in anything that has to do with people if you are selfish in your communication.  


Who doesn’t LOVE a sincere compliment?  Over a week ago, on an especially busy day of mine, a customer of mine came to my home to pick up her Scentsy.   I was in between piano students and almost decided to just meet her at the door with her package, instead of inviting her in!  (it was crazy at the Godwin home!)  Megan had never been to my home before, and when she walked in, I she told me how pretty my home was!  I still remember the EXACT words she said in describing my home.  I remember pretty much everything!  but most of all, I remember how her compliment made me feel!   In the midst of my chaotic day, I WANTED to sit and chat with her.  I wanted to take time to see how she’d been.  What turned the tide????  a simple compliment.  She found something nice to say right off the bat….  and made me feel special.  I, in turn,  gave up time (that i really didn’t have that day).  She left such an impression on me and we spent great time in conversation…. why?  because of a single, heart-felt compliment!    Do you feel like people ignore you?  Don’t have time for you?  Megan taught me so much that day!  We make time for those who make us happy.


Selfish people make the worst leaders and worst friends.  Inwardly, are you focused on #1 more than wanting someone else to do well?   When we feel like someone has OUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART,  we will do almost anything for them!   Why are some people constantly consumed with how things affect THEM?  Consumed with THEIR PROGRESS?  THEIR PAYCHECK?  THEIR FUTURE?  Sad thing is, these are the most lonely people in the world.   You cannot, very likely,  be a successful business owner if no one wants to be around you!

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. Napoleon Hill  

By simply watching over the last 5 yrs, I have decided that it is pretty much impossible for a selfish person to do really well in Scentsy.   The most giving, helpful, genuinely kind people,  are the ones that experience TRUE SUCCESS in this business.
They are also the happiest people in their real lives, as well.    This alone should inspire ALL OF US to want to make small changes in ourselves to live more GIVING and less taking.
give more than you take



  1. says

    Score 33. I love giving things to people. I like helping people and I’m like you. I try to find time to listen if there is something they ” need to get off their chest”. I love people and try to treat them the way I want to be treated.

  2. Shirl says

    45 and I tend to be shy. I though approach every person with conversation that would make me feel special. Complement s, showing interest just to ask how they are doing,etc etc..

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