tasks to make you more successful

You WANT to be successful, but don’t have a clue what to do to get there. I totally get ya! 💚
I’ve been there. I’ve wondered what all the 6 figure earners were doing RIGHT NOW! I felt like if I just knew, I’d share the same results!

Do you think like that?

That’s the CORRECT way to think. Direct selling success isn’t out of reach. It takes no magical formula. (Whew!)

It takes time & consistent effort!

Here’s what I’m doing TODAY for my business! Feel free to use these ideas, but remember, time is MONEY, so if there’s a time limit beside the task, I’ll watch the clock⏰


















  1. check text & email*
  2. log into the workstation, check the breaking news banner, and news tab*  (3 min)
  3. click the order tab, see if an online order has come through!  And if it has, I’ll make a thank you packet for the customer (mail out days are Monday’s)
  4. see if any previous orders have tracking numbers – and I’ll text my customer with the tracking!
  5. make samples today, cause I’m out!
  6. check & post on my team Facebook page* (No more than 5 min)
  7. make calls today to local churches and offer fundraisers for their summer youth camps (15 min)
  8. follow up with 2 customers on their orders*
  9. make a short video on the WOTM for my customers & text it to them (10 min)
  10. check the ascent academy daily challenge*

* tasks marked with an asterisk are things I do DAILY.

All of this will take me around 1 hour.  Then tomorrow, I’ll have about 50 min worth of different tasks!

Do you have a game-plan?  Are you willing to work it like a BOSS so you can be SUCCESSFUL?


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