talking business

I’m driven to succeed in my business BECAUSE I believe in what it can do for my family.   There’s the foundation of it all….  a belief.  If that is missing, then no real, lasting success will come to you.  Find something you are passionate about, something you BELIEVE will make a difference… AND CHASE IT.

I ask God to direct my paths, and to give me the fruit of my labor.  The LAST THING I want is for my time to be spent in VAIN.   And with those two prayers, I forge on in faith, knowing that He’s doing great things through me, even if I cannot see them today.

As a result of His guiding & blessing…  in my 4 years with Scentsy, I’ve reached milestones I never thought possible.  I have no sales experience, no sparkling personality, no huge family, and I don’t live in a metropolitan area.   However, I’ve been blessed beyond words!

Traveling on free vacations each year with my husband to places like Alaska (2009), Hawaii (2010), Disney with the family (2011), Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (2012) are just the icing on the cake.   Reaching Director title in 6 months was a HUGE surprise, and so was hitting 1,200 consultants on my team in my 3rd year.  Among the blessings, I have to mention going to conventions in Denver, Ft Worth, Vegas and this year Indianapolis!   I’ve trained at Spring Sprints in front of 1,200!

Who would’ve thought?  Simple, plain me.  These opportunities surpass any of my wildest dreams…  and would you like to know the exciting part?  God is using my journey as a business owner to make a difference .  What I once thought would be a blessing only to my family has turned into something bigger.

I continue to dream, dig, and devote time to being a ‘better leader & consultant’, and realize I’m a work in progress…  We don’t just ‘arrive’, for success is a journey of continual progress and work.

and that’s the FUN part, growing.