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I’m so EXCITED to say that I have 3 personal new recruits for the month of January!  What a blessing to be on this Scentsy journey with amazing people!!! I LOVE sharing the opportunity!   So because of all of the wonderful perks Scentsy offered to new recruits in January, my team training focus was also recruiting. I taught them and reminded them to share the opportunity with others… and to follow up.

BUT>>> honestly, not everyone had a fabulous recruiting month.  In fact, some of those who worked the hardest, never even had 1 person sign up.

Did they fail?

absolutely not!!!   You see, each of my three new recruits this month are people that I’ve built relationships with in the past.   I’ve been their “Scentsy girl” for quite some time.  And I’ve earned their trust a little along the way. And I’m pretty sure I’ve sown more than one JOINING SEED: Maybe I’ve mentioned becoming a rep in the past…  or they’ve seen the recruiting stickers on their packages… or maybe they’re watched my Facebook page to see the trips and all the fun I’ve had being a Scentsy girl.

Either way, this ‘harvesting’ of new recruits didn’t happen over night.  And the seeds we plant don’t become full-fledged fruit next week usually.  It’s just the way it works.


So everyone who worked so hard this month to recruit should remember a CRITICAL PART:
The seed dies unless consistent care is provided.  Sun, Water, Proper Nutrients in Soil, etc…

READ what the awesome Zig Ziglar wrote (whew I pray each of my new recruits follow this Bamboo tree example!

  • “The seed of a bamboo tree is planted, fertilized and watered. Nothing happens for the first year. There´s no sign of growth. Not even a hint. The same thing happens – or doesn´t happen – the second year. And then the third year. The tree is carefully watered and fertilized each year, but nothing shows. No growth. No anything. For eight years it can continue. Eight years! Then – after the eight years of fertilizing and watering have passed, with nothing to show for it – the bamboo tree suddently sprouts and grows thirty feet in three months!” ― Zig Ziglar



So, who knows which of your seeds from last year may “SPROUT” this spring!!!   But the biggest thing to remember is to plant…  everyday!!!  And don’t just plant them and leave them…  water & fertilize them as much as they need.  So when they do become plants (recruits) they’ll be really strong ones!!!   You can be a RECRUITING MACHINE is you’re consistent and don’t get impatient!!!  

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