some days….

Oh, I need to get my thoughts written out.   To help heal my heart!   Today was one of those awful days… you know the kind.
Where even the simplest tasks are met with opposition and struggle.  

And hormones and nerves make the tiniest matter seem like a catastrophe!

Well, and then there ARE the catastrophe’s.  Like finding out that Luke’s been hiding the fact that he’s not done ANY homework or seat work in the last 4 school days.

Or trying to microderm and realizing that the entire time, the machine was CUTTING into my skin, instead of gently buffing away dead skin.   (not like it was first time using the machine)  It will be DAYS before I heal enough to show my face anywhere!

Then there’s those tiny aggravations….  too numerous to name.

And then there’s the….



But one thing remains.  In spite of it all…. I am blessed.  I kept trying to think of the things that make my life so rich and abundant.  And as I’d focus on those amazing blessings…..  it was so hard to get too caught up in the mess of the day…


I felt like good & evil were playing Tug Of War in my home today!  And in my heart, gratitude and depression were!

Tonight, I’m exhausted.  I’ve yelled.  Cried.  Prayed.  Played soothing Music.  Ignored.  Tried.   Admonished.   Gave up.  Threw a basket.   Tried again.   Played homeschool teacher.   Cautioned.   Thanked God.  Took a break.  Slapped a little smart mouth.   Held him as I told him sorry.   Walked away.  Prayed some more.   Cried.




But in the end….. it’s what I’m THANKFUL for that’s keeping me afloat!
I don’t want today to influence tomorrow.
And I have to wake up and start fresh.
And that’s going to happen because of the condition of my heart & soul.

So you may think I’m strange, but allow me to write out my blessings…. or just a few so that I can prepare properly for tomorrow:


Thank you God for all you’ve done for me today.  
Thank you for keeping our family safe and free from harm during the storm tonight.
Thank you for allowing me pray to you, and get wisdom from your Bible.
Thanks for my son.  And thanks for the opportunity to raise him.
Thanks for the home we have and yard we can call our own.
Thanks for Gus & Kitty Godwin who gave us a break from the craziness today, and gave us a reason to smile.
Thanks for the chance to educate my son at home.

Thanks for the friend who didn’t even know I was having a bad day…. and took time to tell me she was praying for me.
Thanks for the electricity we had today… to do laundry and cook and have A.C.
Thank you for the many things I don’t even realize you are providing for us.  Like safety and health.  
Thank you for the dinner I had tonight.  And that in the fridge for tomorrow.
Thanks for the chance to get up tomorrow after a complete night’s rest…..  



  1. Jessica Rew says

    Laura, I love this for so many reasons. BUT! Number one being, because I have been here. VERY recently. Enough that I had a breakdown. The times get so bad sometimes, but as long as we remember we are blessed, we will get through it, right?!
    Love ya ma’am! <3

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