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Last week was the amazing 2014 Scentsy Family Reunion! I’m still trying to process all of the amazing content we learned!  Good training and great speakers!  I’m mentally exhausted from all of the ideas and tips that were shared!

One of the things that was shared several times throughout Reunion was to simply, “bring the fun back” or “spirit”.   I’m such a believer on this!   No one gets excited about doing anything, unless it seems FUN to them.  

So no matter which area you may be struggling in: selling, recruiting, team leadership, fundraisers, fairs & shows, etc….   I’m pretty positive that the main thing that’s missing is the FUN FACTOR!


#1 you need to be having fun
#2 you need to be making sure that those with you in the journey are having fun

One day last summer I had a call from a girl in my downline.  She had just finished up a party and once again was discouraged.  No bookings.  She begged and pleaded.  She even promised an extra free goody when they booked with her.  I wanted to help, but knew I needed more information before I could help her determine what was wrong.

So I ask questions like, “How many people were there?”  “How long did it last?”  “How many games did you play?”  “Were their refreshments?”   “Did everyone know each other already?” etc…

Here’s what I realized after just a few minutes of questioning her:

  1.  She worked GREAT behind the scenes, promoting and inviting for the event.
  2.  She coached her Hostess well, and over 7 people were at the event!
  3.  But she was lazy and didn’t bring a party game, because “today was crazy busy for me”.
  4.  In her own words, she said, “I ask if they’d been to a scentsy party before, and everyone raised their hands, but I still did a catalog walk anyway… I’m not sure what else I was supposed to do”.
  5.  She didn’t get to know anyone during refreshments, because she thought that was “their” time with friends and that she would be intruding. So she packed up while they ate.
  6.  She was diligent to ASK people to host a party with her, but she never did anything with the “no”.

I could go on & on!  I ask her, “Sarah, if  one of those people from the party see you in the grocery tomorrow, would they have ANY reason to say Hi, or stop and talk to you”.  She said, “absolutely not unless they had a Scentsy question about their order.”  OUCH!!!!!!!

During Reunion, I saw so many ways that Scentsy tried to up the fun factor!  And it WORKED!!!!   We played games!  Yes, in a stadium with 8,000 people…. (so no excuses for your next event!) We laughed together!  We networked!  We shared during lunch.   We made new friends, and reunited with old ones.

Sarah didn’t have bookings because she and her Scentsy events were forgettable.  Totally.   It was all business.

I want to share some FUN FACTOR IDEAS that I have used!  Some of these will be things you can use for home & basket parties, fundraisers, catalog parties, fairs & shows, team meetings, etc….

  • Do a purple pleaser award, for the one who wears the most purple!
  • Play a game!  (see skittles game below!)
  • Email your customers to tell them that you’re giving away a door buster for first 15 purchases that day!  (samples of wax, or washer whiffs, lip glosses, circles, etc…)
  • Have everyone bring a covered dish to create a spread of themed food, like mexican, greek, italian, etc….  Then YOU go to party city, and dress up like that theme!  (*junk the comfort zone!)
  • TAKE TIME TO CONNECT-  have time in your events where you can get to know those around you.
  • Skip the boring junk everyone EXPECTS you to say, and go with the fun stuff instead.  No catalog walk— instead, pick out a hidden object in the catalog before the party-  have a race to see who can spot it first (I call this my fastest fingers game)
  • Give a 15% off coupon for anyone who brings you their old “wicked” candles (you can even do a game and vote on the sootiest, the smelliest, the missing wick, etc…) 
  • Make your displays at Fairs & Shows INVITING.  Greet them with a smile, and ask if they have any questions about Scentsy.  
  • Where a name tag!  It makes you feel, and look professional.  =) 
  • Give gifts… don’t be stingy 
  • Bring pictures of your Scentsy vacations! Talk about how much fun you have.  They’ll see you light up, and want to join in on this journey with you!
  • Always ask for questions!  You NEVER know what someone is thinking about!  
  • Have a reason ready for why THEY WILL WANT to buy, host, or join— or fundraise!  And make sure its fun of passion and FUN! Less statistics, more excitement! 
  • Take a personality quiz at your next team get-together, and pair up the like minded folks! It’s fun and gets the to network with people they may not realize are like them in the first place!

These are just a few of the many ideas!  The important thing is for you to bring the FUN to every event!   It may not be your personality or nature, but it just may be the winning ticket on getting you out of a rut!

Your rut maybe pretty deep, so be prepared to be UNCOMFORTABLE as you get out of it.  


Not all rut-busters are painful!  Here’s how I add the fun into my team get togethers sometimes, and everyone LOVES it!
Buy a pack of skittles, pass them around the room and let everyone choose 2 or 3 or 4.  Then go around the room and let them share things with everyone according to the color they “unknowingly” chose!  LOL

Skittles game

I challenge you to add the FUN FACTOR back in!  I promise: your rut will be a thing of the past!  You’ll have well-attended events, and EVERYONE will have way more fun!  Doesn’t that sound like sweet-success? 
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