Scentsy bath bar samples

I’m honestly a little obsessed with samples.   At the Ulta store checkout, I get a little beside myself when I realize my purchase qualifies me for a free sample of something.  It doesn’t matter that it’s smaller than a speck…  LOL —>  I just LOVEEEEE it!

Maybe that is why I spend time making the coolest samples for my customers….  because I want to make them feel special just like I feel at Ulta!   Or maybe I just BELIEVE in what I sell, and figure everyone else will once they experience it?

Maybe both.

Regardless, I am in love with the new Scentsy moisturizing bath bar…. so naturally, my customers are getting tiny samples of it.  No.16 is to DIE for!
moisturizing bath bar samples
All you need is a microwave, knife, small baggies!  
I microwaved my bar for 30 seconds at a time then chopped it with a regular knife.
Labels can be found here: No 16 Moisturizing Body Bar
Just print them out & add you info!  Easy-peasy!

Talk about making your customer’s day!  This is an easy, fun task that your kiddos could help you do one weekend!

Don’t forget to keep track of your expenses (even the bar) for taxes!

Have fun!!!!!!
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