salary or commission?

Did you know that as Scentsy consultants, we ARE NOT ON SALARY.  True statement! We work off of commission!
A fact we all know, but maybe forget from time to time. Each day, your activity and the things you DO is what makes you a paycheck.

**** No activity = no paycheck ***** Little activity = little paycheck ****

Now, wise consultants “get” this, and understand that when their paycheck falls below average, it means they’re activity is to blame.
Not their leaders, not corporate, not the off-brand wax, not the weather, etc…. 

 They grab the bull by the horns and watch training videos, participate on team pages, or challenges.
Today, I challenge you to work your Scentsy like you work off of commission instead of Salary.
Let’s be amazing!  There’s money to be made; let’s not allow it to go down the drain!

throwing money away

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