Rah~Rah Recruiting (part 2)

Ok, in my last blog post I gave you 3 jam-packed ideas for recruiting!  Today, I’ll wrap this up, and give you enough ideas to keep you busy for a MONTH!  So go easy on yourself…. pick 1 to implement immediately, and choose 1 to start next Monday!

recruiting, improves paycheck for life


4)  No recruits???  then you don’t have enough FANS!  Build fans, not customers.  The more you interact with them AS A PERSON…. the  more they’ll LOVE you.  In the end, we shop where we feel is the most convenient and the most comfortable.  Be convenient, be comfortable.  TO DO:  Are you working on earning a trip?  then let your customers know.  Determine how many parties you need to earn it, and start ASKING!  Tell them why you need their help.  

5)   Share your story more.  If I ask how many of YOUR customers knew WHY you did Scentsy, how many would correctly give me the answer?  2?  5?  maybe 10?  Why do you work from home?   What is your side income going for?  if you don’t know…. then STOP EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW.  Figure it out immediately.  Then, tell your customers & friends.  Don’t be embarrassed one bit.  No matter WHAT it is, you’ll never build relationships or recruit until YOU START COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY.  TO DO:  Determine what your “why” is right now, and share it on your FB wall and text it to 10 people:  “This month, I’m working my Scentsy biz to pay for _________________.  For all of my Scentsy loving friends/family, I have set a goal of $____ and I need your help!  Message me if you will take a catalog to work with you, or want to do a pouch party (see part 1 for description).  Thanks sooo much!!!”  

6)   Tailor your approach!   If you aren’t getting recruits, then you probably need to change up your F.O.R.M.  Start asking people about these things!  Start with your hostesses, customers, then move on to perfectly good strangers!!!
F- FAMILY – “So, do you have any kids?”
O- Occupation- First ask them what they do for a living, and usually they’ll in turn ASK YOU! be ready and don’t forget to say “but for FUN, i do Scentsy on the side! The money is GREAT!”
R-  Recreation- Find out if they have any hobbies!  
M- More $$$  – Even your wealthiest friend could use extra cash for something.  Find out what it is!  Start by telling them how Scentsy helps make ends meet around your home!

7) Learn to LOVE the word NO! No Art 050425e Odds are, if you are doing the To-Do’s from last post and this one, you are getting some no’s.  It’s not the right time for everyone, so be cool with that!  But I want you to know that statistics show that after about 10 no’s, you get a YES!!!! On ANYTHING YOU’RE ASKING ABOUT!  So what are YOU asking for???!!!!!  And how many no’s are up up to by now???!!!   I’ve always been pretty stubborn…. I don’t give up easily.  Can you say that about your recruiting efforts?

See recruiting is really about relationships.  Building them, and communicating well once you have them.  The friendliest people make the BEST RECRUITERS!  why???!!!! Because they know how to start relationships well!  They understand how people want to talk about themselves 80% of the time.  A good recruiter knows that, and asks the right questions, and then shares the right info.

So when it comes to recruiting…. learn to just JUMP out of your comfort zone, GIVE MORE THAN YOU TAKE in talk time (remember: if you are the one talking, they are bored! LOL) , get yourself around new people, ask the right questions, and genuinely care about THEIR success!   Star with these 7 ideas…. and if you do them consistently, you’ll start recruiting like never before.


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