Rah~Rah Recruiting (part 1)

During 2014 Scentsy Reunion, a presenter, Katie Farner, spoke on recruiting!  I loved her simple ideas, because Ive tested them out along the way in my 5 yr Scentsy journey… and found THEY WORK!

So I thought I’d share a few things today and tomorrow about RECRUITING!

recruiting, improves paycheck for life






1) quit thinking of it as recruiting….. think of it as sharing.  And stop being so dad-gum selfish.  Aren’t you glad someone shared the opportunity with YOU?  So leap out of your comfort zone, and do the right thing…. share it with people you meet daily (waitress, starbucks barista, vet cashier, bank teller, parent at your child’s school, co workers, etc..).  If you don’t tell them, someone will.  Arm yourself with some flyers, and maybe some samples, if that helps you gain confidence as you speak to people.   TO DO: Here’s the tri-fold flyer I’m currently using!  page 1 of join brochure  page 2 of join brochure  I add a scent circle to it, and give them out when I’m running errands.

2) Sign up for some inexpensive events!  I’m talking $20-$50.  TO DO:  Call 10 large churches in your area and ask them if they have a fall bazaar or festival.  Tell them you are a local business owner with a home based business, and would like info on how to become a vendor to support their event.   Then—>  ask your Facebook friends for local charity events, or relay for life teams, etc.  Don’t stop looking until you get at least 1 event PER MONTH on the books.  

3) 69% of new recruits are previous hostesses.  So it’s common sense to me that if you are having a hard time getting a recruit, then odds are, you aren’t doing enough parties!  TO DO:  Text 5 people (right now) and tell them how exciting the new catalog is, and how you don’t have ANY PARTIES on the books, and need their help!  Use these ideas:   Basket and after work parties count!  But home events are best!  Open houses work GREAT too!  Football is a great way to drag in couples to your home…. get the men fed, and propped up in front of the TV, and YOU have a show in the next room!  SCORE!!!!!  You can even ask ahead of time if any of the ladies sell anything other than Scentsy, and ask them to bring samples, and catalogs, and maybe a small display!  But my all-time-favorite kind of party is the POUCH PARTY:  


pouch party

Pick out 7-10 of your most popular testers, toss in some flyers and a few catalogs and order forms, add a pen!  DONE!  =)  
who wouldn’t want to take this for a few days to collect orders?!!!!  Easy-breezy!

So, take these 3 ideas, and run with them!  Remember, just like a real job, being paid WELL BY THE HOUR has more to do with WHAT WE DO, than how long we do it.

If you want great pay in Scentsy, then make your time count and do GREAT THINGS while you work your business.

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