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I’m mentioned it so many times already, but can I say just once more…. REUNION ROCKED!  Scentsy Family Reunion in St. Louis was awesome in so many ways!
One of the things mentioned at Reunion is on my heart today, so I’m going to share it!

Do you leave purple droppings behind you?

Now before you get disgusted, and your mind starts forming pictures of poo…. let me stop you, and tell you what purple droppings are!

They’re anything that BRANDS you.  A flyer, business card, sample, catalog, tester, etc….

When you leave a doctor’s office, will any ‘scentsy thirsty’ soul know you’ve been there?
When the subject comes up between the waitresses after the lunch rush, will they have a way to contact YOU to reorder Scentsy?
When the teacher next door to your son’s classroom runs out of room spray, will she know how to order more?
When your neighbor moves into town from far, far away… will she know who to contact for her Scent-habit?


If you answered no to any of these… then it’s time to leave more ‘purple droppings’!
challenge time pink I challenge you to prepare your car for the week!   ANYTHING you have on hand will do!
My least favorite thing to use is business cards (I’m amazed at how many of them get thrown away— I guess it’s the age we live in. Google has made it hard for business cards to survive! LOL)
But go through your business supplies at home…. see what can become a ‘dropping’ for you this week.
If you are low on supplies, place an order; don’t procrastinate!  This is the LIFELINE of your business.


here’s a couple cute ideas if you are bored with the paper business supplies you’ve been “dropping” around:


how about some cute organza bags with 2 old retired testers!

magnectic strip on scentsy tester

or, run by a craft store and grab a magnetic strip to cut and glue to the bottom of your old, retired testers! Ask your customers to leave on their refrigerator at the teacher’s lounge, or break rooms!













have fun leaving ‘purple droppings’ around this week!!!   


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