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As we gear up for summer, it’s EXTREMELY important we COMMUNICATE with those who rely on us.  After all, if we worked for someone else, we would have certain things that needed to be done BEFORE we took off for a day or two.  And being business owners with a direct sales company is really no different.

Although we DESERVE some breaks, we also have obligations to our business & team.   After all, being self-employed is the life, but it’s important to remember that we cannot neglect to cover our bases while we are ‘at play’.
Here are a couple of things you should do while preparing to be away.  Because the LAST thing you want to do is sacrifice your business:


It’s not rocket science to change your voicemail.  And it goes a long way to hear that someone is out of the office until ______ when you’re needing to get in touch with them.

Plus, it helps them understand & respect your need to get away every now & then.  Here’s an example of a great “vacation voicemail”:

pizap.example Voicemail when gone


Next, set up an auto reply on your email!   This will help you relax when you come home to 400 emails.  LOL  HINT:  Set it for one day extra, so you can relax and reply to them when you promise, instead of over-promising, and UNDER delivering.    Here’s my message for when I go on family vacation::

pizap.example auto reply message

By preparing and being pro-active with your communication, you can make being away even more relaxing!  

Have fun on all your summer get-aways, and be safe!

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