Tuesday Training Tip 6-28

TUESDAY TRAINING TIP TIME! By Erin Fluharty: (Scentsy director) (Photo inspired by April Day-Croley) star director I share this a lot with my new teammates ! It could be helpful in a way I hadn’t thought of! I know we are always learning from one another! Here is my list of Scentsy success ideas: 1: […]

Tuesday Training Tip 6-21

This Tuesday training tip comes from a very different place of inspiration for me… Take a look! Come back tomorrow to learn a few more tips for my “running a business” series! HUGS! Laura💜

running a home based business & mail

Here we are business owners! Sounds exciting, right?! Or intimidating? I get it! Most of us didn’t go to college for this! Running a business (even if it only took $99 to start) can be overwhelming, if you don’t know where to start! Over the course of the next couple weeks, I’m going to share […]

Tuesday Training Tip 6-14

So here’s the very first Tursday Training Tip 6-14-16 Be real with people, be real with yourself! #1 – understand that EVERYONE struggles with sales & recruiting in the “j” months like June & July & Jan. (Just let it sink in.) #2 – then get ready to fight for your paycheck : ask 10 […]

getting your Scentsy business in SHAPE!

Ok, somethings are just easier said than done! I’m with you on that!😉 Take a look at how getting your Scentsy biz in tip-top shape is actually more familiar to you than you ever realize….