scentsy start up – part 3


With Scentsy, you don’t have to worry about conforming to a certain image. It’s about getting out there & sharing your business with others. Doing your thing.  Success will come when you relax, and have fun!   Here’s PART 3 of your Scentsy Start Up! QUICK TIP trainings are short & to the point. You’re going […]

scentsy start up – part 2


STARTING a business can be scary!  But not with Scentsy! One of Scentsy’s core values is ‘simplicity’.  So relax!  This is going to be loads of fun!   Here’s part 2 of your Scentsy Start Up! It’s all about Getting Orders & PAYDAY!!!!   WooHOO! (did you miss part 1? no worries, click here for part 1 )   […]

scentsy start up – part 1

welcome to our Scentsy team

You’re going to be Scentsational!!! Congrats on starting off on your own Scentsy journey!   No matter how big or small your goals are, I’m confident you can be a huge success!     Now,  let’s kick things off just right!  Here’s a short video to introduce you to Scentsy!  To join our Facebook Team, click here! It’s an AMAZING […]


Why wait to mentor someone in Leadership when they become a director? Why not start mentoring them when SCENTSY considers them a leader: at their Lead Promotion!!!! By helping a LEAD become a confident LEADER, then you are setting them up for TREMENDOUSLY SUCCESS when they become a DIRECTOR!  Here’s how I start mentoring my […]

Tuesday Training Tip 6-28


TUESDAY TRAINING TIP TIME! By Erin Fluharty: (Scentsy director) (Photo inspired by April Day-Croley) star director I share this a lot with my new teammates ! It could be helpful in a way I hadn’t thought of! I know we are always learning from one another! Here is my list of Scentsy success ideas: 1: […]