scentsy start up – part 4

Doing a little something on the side, can pay off HUGE in the end!  Imagine a life where you had the money for all the “extras”.   Dream of a time where you didn’t stress over vacations, braces, dance lessons, or your car payment.   Here’s your chance…         time to place your first order, […]

scentsy start up – part 3

With Scentsy, you don’t have to worry about conforming to a certain image. It’s about getting out there & sharing your business with others. Doing your thing.  Success will come when you relax, and have fun!   Here’s PART 3 of your Scentsy Start Up! QUICK TIP trainings are short & to the point. You’re going […]

scentsy start up – part 2

STARTING a business can be scary!  But not with Scentsy! One of Scentsy’s core values is ‘simplicity’.  So relax!  This is going to be loads of fun!   Here’s part 2 of your Scentsy Start Up! It’s all about Getting Orders & PAYDAY!!!!   WooHOO! (did you miss part 1? no worries, click here for part 1 )   […]

scentsy start up – part 1

You’re going to be Scentsational!!! Congrats on starting off on your own Scentsy journey!   No matter how big or small your goals are, I’m confident you can be a huge success!     Now,  let’s kick things off just right!  Here’s a short video to introduce you to Scentsy!  To join our Facebook Team, click here! It’s an AMAZING […]


Why wait to mentor someone in Leadership when they become a director? Why not start mentoring them when SCENTSY considers them a leader: at their Lead Promotion!!!! By helping a LEAD become a confident LEADER, then you are setting them up for TREMENDOUSLY SUCCESS when they become a DIRECTOR!  Here’s how I start mentoring my […]