launching LEADERSHIP of LOVE


Something has been on my heart for a while now.  And in the last few weeks, God has confirmed it over & over again.  I’m to start a new journey sharing leadership ideas.  I fought it internally for so long because I don’t feel “equipped” or “naturally gifted” in this area.  But I am SURE […]

accepting the 2016 Alice Kalilimoku Shining Star Award🌟

SS finalist pic PRO

It’s been just 8 days, but I still get a lump in my throat, butterflies in my tummy, and TEARS in my eyes over what happened.   I’ve always said that the Shining Star was Scentsy’s highest & most prestigious award, but now that description seems so pious!   I cannot tell you the emotions […]

my Scentsy story

my Scentsy story Learn more about the products & opportunity at Let me help you start your Scentsy story today!  

how to open a party on your Scentsy website!


Do you know how to open a party on your website?!!!!!! I recommend keeping one open at ALL times! Here’s easy steps to open one up! 💜  (Big thanks to Jessica Matthews, Scentsy director, for the graphics!)

scentsy start up – part 4


Doing a little something on the side, can pay off HUGE in the end!  Imagine a life where you had the money for all the “extras”.   Dream of a time where you didn’t stress over vacations, braces, dance lessons, or your car payment.   Here’s your chance…         time to place your first order, […]