my PCOS story

I’m not a doctor… and I’m also not one to openly share personal & embarrassing details about myself openly in public.  But so many people have ask me to share a little about why I knew something was wrong, and why they diagnosed me with PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.   So I’ll share in the hope that someone will benefit from knowing my story.

None of the symptoms by themselves were enough to make me or any of my doctors worried.

1)  First it was my lack of having a cycle.  It had been years.  I would mention it to my OBGYN and he quickly smiled and said I was “the lucky 5% of woman without one”.

2)  I’ve always eaten what I wanted, when I wanted, and as much as I wanted.  I typically out eat any man sitting at the table.  I like my steak rare, and my tea sweet!  =)  But the last few years, I started noticing that my waistline was out of control.  Nothing else was big… just my belly.  I started diets for the first time in my life! I started working out for the first time, but my belly never really changed.   My doctor said “Something happens as you near that 30 yr old hurdle…  your body changes”.

3)  Then it was the feeling like my emotions were getting a little out of hand.  I’ve never been an angry person before. But I yelled.  I’ve always been characterized as “too happy”… yet I was finding myself crying at simple things.

4)  And then there was the tiny pain “down there” that I ignored.  We feel stuff all over so how was I supposed to know that it really was something?

After I cried in his office about how my hormones were making homeschooling a nightmare for the most important little man in my life…. my obgyn finally put me on the pill to make me start having a cycle again.


And instead of trying to figure out why…  he just kept saying we would have to increase the dosage.  I got a second opinion.  On the first visit with the new doctor, he immediately sent me to have an ultrasound.  And that visit diagnosed me with PCOS.  In the technicians words, “Laura, you have millions of cysts covering ever inch of your ovaries.”

EVERYTHING MADE SENSE.  All of the symptoms ‘fit’.  The only one I didn’t have was the unwanted hair (facial or back).

So I began to research PCOS.  I am a fighter and wanted to find out all about it and what I could do to nip it in the bud!   But there’s no cure I read over and over again.  You just ‘manage it’ with diet & exercise.   I never read one time that you can be cured of PCOS.  And that discouraged me.

This past July, 2013, I went to my third doctor for my PCOS and on that visit, he said the “c” word 3 times during the visit. I was sent with 3 pages of lab work and scheduled for a visit to determine what needed to be done.

Meanwhile at Scentsy convention, 2 wks before this follow up visit, my friend Barbie mentions the Lemonade Cleanse.  And without any research or hesitation, I started it when we returned home which was just 7 short days before my visit with the doctor.

And that’s when the miracle happened.  I started my cycle.   At the big doctor’s visit, I informed them and they sent me for a ultrasound…. NO CYSTS.  She said I looked “golden down there”.  Oh and she told me to go celebrate.

That’s my story…  Here are some of the links that helped me tremendously in my research of PCOS.  theres sooo much you should know that no doctor ever told me.  Like that the CAUSE of PCOS is really insulin-resistence, and that any sugar at all will make a PCOS sufferer worse.  Don’t wait for a doctor to tell you, research for your own health’s sake.

If you are worried about your health, PLEASE listen to your body and your heart….  get a second opinion if the first one doesn’t match up with what your heart & body are telling you.

Until tomorrow…. be SUCCESSFULLY healthy!

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