My partner on my last business trip!

Last weekend, Luke and I went to do a Scentsy booth together! It was so much fun! He always begs to go, and I love having him with me. Our four day trip consisted of set up (day one), selling in 45 degree weather, eating yummy ‘fair like’ lunches, pillow fights and jumping on the beds at the hotel, swimming each evening in the indoor heated pool, dinners with friends, and so much more!

I LOVE having a business that allows me to bring along the most important people in my life! It’s so rare for a success business lady in this world to say she took her 7 yr old on her last business trip! I feel incredibly lucky!!!

Here’s just a little sneak peak of how much fun we have!!!

Chicken on a stick was Luke’s favorite meal!


My sweet friend Laceyann!


It was hard to keep Luke in the booth with the children’s section close by! Huge blow up attractions and water activities, petting zoo, and so much more! He played hard, and slept the same!!!


After each long day at work, I treated my ‘business partner’ to dinner of his choice!


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