my new Scentsy “why”

I’ve been in scentsy 5 years, 1 month and 3 days, to be EXACT!!!  =)  And I can’t tell you all of the GAIN (financial, emotional, and more!) that I’ve received as a result of taking this thing seriously!!!  It’s unreal!!! The trips, the paychecks, the friendships, the personal growth, and SOOO much more!!!!

But it didn’t happen by accident.  None of it happened by accident.  Each step of this journey and every success has been intentional and I worked at it like there was no tomorrow.  I knew that I’d get the return if I put in the time and effort.  And I’ve been blessed way more than I could’ve ever imagined!

On a leadership call last night, I trained on the topic of finding your why.  Why do you get up and do what you do in your side business?  We don’t do it for fear of being fired, or laid off.  We don’t fear our boss, or foreman.

Nope, we work Scentsy, or any home based business, without fear.  So we have to DREAM!!!  Our DREAM makes us INSPIRED!!! And gives us PASSION!!!

No dream = No passion!   

no PASSION = no results!

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to be SUCCESSFUL at this unless you are aware of your WHY!!!

Why is this???  I believe we NEED a dream, a why, to motivate us to get our butts in gear!  When I want to be lazy, and not check all 60 emails from the weekend…..  something drives me.  When I want to put off that team training meeting, or training call, what makes me get over myself, and schedule it???

the answer is my why!!  my DREAM!!!

So My why has changed DRASTICALLY though out the last 5 yrs.  But today my why is the cash for my next vehicle!  Last years surprise kitchen renovation/addition, ate up every bit of the month I had set aside, and took up all of the ‘extra’.  But I do have the KITCHEN of my dreams!!!!!!!!!   I spared NO expense, and am thankful EVERY DAY that we could pay cash for such a last minute nightmare!  (SHORT STORY:  They found black mold in my cabinet/wall, and we had to move out the next day! They took the kitchen down to studs, and we rebuilt & were even able to add on a 15 X 10!!!)

So now, that new ford edge I was expecting to buy outright last fall….  isn’t in my garage!!  And my old one is doing GREAT!!!  Not one issue! Thank the Lord!  But it’s time to start rebuilding that fund.  So that’s my current why!

What is your why???  Saying “to help people” isn’t enough.  “getting my next promotion” isn’t a why.   Saying “to make more money” isn’t your why!  It’s your HOW!
When you make more $$, what is the first thing you’ll do????  __________________  (WHAT YOU JUST THOUGHT OF…. THAT’S your WHY!!!)

So name it already!!!! Take pictures of it, or google pictures of it.  Print them, put them in your car, calendar, fridge, computer, etc…

Let your WHY drive you to have PASSION to WORK the opportunity you have in front of you, and you’ll become a BIG SUCCESS!!!!

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