my Movie Star

I LOVE being able to have fun in my business with my son, Luke.  You know he BEGS me to go work festivals and shows with me.  He LOVES being a part of it.  And I get to teach him important things about business along the way!  He learned his colors from Scentsy bars.  He learned how to count by using testers.  I’ve taught him everything about money from going to shows with me.  (BONUS:  he even knows how to count back change to someone!!! and the customers are always so shocked, they give him a TIP!!!)

Well, he also loves being my MOVIE STAR!!!!  Sometimes, I allow him to be in the videos I upload for my team/business.   He loves it, and I know I’m making a memory that we will both cherish forever!!!  Here’s the one we just did this morning together annoying the winner (1 minute) :


I hope you’ll allow your children/grandchildren to take part in your business, too!!!  Whether you pay them to label your bars or catalogs, or take them on deliveries with you… when you allow them to be a part, you build something GREAT in them.  Something you’ll always be thankful you did.

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