music to my ears

I forgot something yesterday in my homeschooling post.  It’s a real mood turner & attitude helper and has been since BIBLE TIMES!!!


I incorporate music into almost every part of my life, not just because I’m a singer.   I use it to help with the atmosphere!!!   When I homeschool, sometimes it’s just one of those days when everyone is a little on edge.   I LOVE playing music softly in the background and watch it change the mood.  Or sometimes, I just feel EVIL…  (LOL, don’t laugh too hard, you know you’re evil sometimes, too!)  and I start the day with my iPad or mac playing pandora to settle me down.   I even have to play music in the kitchen, cause cooking causes me TONS OF STRESS.   I love to have music playing as I work my business, too.

I promise it seems I can get tons more done, and feel happier when music is a key element to my daily activities.

NOW, with that being said, I don’t feel just any old music will do the trick.  Even in Bible times, King Saul needed a specific kind of music played to sooth his soul.  And I don’t feel like much has changed since then.   Luke loves to have New World Son playing while doing seatwork.   I choose uplifting songs when I feel like the spirit of satan is present.   When I cook, I love Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong $ Frank Sinatra.

This is the 2 songs I LOVE to start the day with…  Maybe you’ll love them too!

Emmy Rossum – Slow Me Down

NewWorldSon – Today

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