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Today is Facebook free Friday for me!!!  It’s my chance to not feel ‘torn’ between answering emails & surfing the newsfeed on FB.  I won’t feel guilty for the amount of time I’ve wasted, because Friday is my LAST CHANCE to end the week well!   I’ll start my FAMILY FRIDAY at noon today, and I’ll finish up my Scentsy work for the week.  And because I’ve had no interruptions from Facebook, I’ll get everything on my to-do list done in time!

Anyway, between homeschooling and Scentsy and catching up on the housework from being gone for 7 days last week… I’m looking forward to my relaxing Family Friday!  =)   I feel like I NEED it.  We need it.

I guess it’s all about balance.  That’s what I miss sometimes when I’m ‘ON’ all the time.  But you can’t truly enjoy those “OFF” moments, unless you spend a good deal of time working.   So because I’ve been ON soooo much this week…. I’m going to enjoy my OFF times this weekend EVEN MORE!!!

I guess it goes back to my #1 goal for 2014
Be All There

I am determined to be “all there” when I am doing all things.

When I homeschool each day, I’m determined to just be a homeschooling mommy.  Not checking my phone each minute… not putting in the load of laundry… or getting ready for the day…   just homeschooling.   I believe that’s why I lose patience when teaching him.  I believe even though society tells you that multi-tasking is a good thing… I believe it actually makes us so spread out that we miss the little things.  The moments we should’ve been praising a job well done.  A chance to kindly correct, instead of being in a rush because we are thinking about the email that just came in.

Christopher Jones said this after hearing David Allen at a Chick-fil-a Leadercast

Multi-task is the wrong way to describe what people do when they think they are doing multiple things at one time. What they are actually doing is responding quickly between multiple tasks. The faster you respond to multiple tasks, the more likely you describe yourself as multi-tasking.

You are less efficient shifting quickly between multiple tasks than if you stick with one thing (or very few things) at one time. Focus on it, kill it dead, then move on to the next thing.”

“You can not effectively multi-task, you can only quickly respond.” – David Allen

You know, I don’t want to go through life, just responding….   Time is far too precious!

Homeschooling is just an example of the many areas in my daily routine that I refuse to multitask.  If it’s important to me, then I need to give it my UNDIVIDED ATTENTION!!!  It’s very frustrating to look back and see how many times FACEBOOK has DIVIDED my attention from something WAYYYYY more IMPORTANT.

I hope you feel challenged to be ALL THERE wherever you are right now.  Even if it means turning something off!  Or hiding something from yourself…  =)  (been there!)

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