Monday Motivation- the question

I’m knee deep in junk….  I decided to declutter my study.  I never realized how big of a chore it would be.  Between my hubby’s things (GRACIOUS!!!!), our home paperwork, family records, homeschool and my scentsy stuff…… I’m surprised we could even get in this room at all!   And the sad things is that when I began, I naively thought it would take a couple of hours!!!!  YIKES!!!!!!   LOL   Maybe I’ll finish it all up by tomorrow.

But that’s the kind of weekend it’s been for me.  We lost internet (city wide outage apparently) on Friday.  And just got it back this morning.  Then a massive thunderstorm came through and we lost power.  So being the ultra productive person that I am, I gave up and took a nap!

But in the midst of the mess of my study…. and the longest to-do list ever (from being without internet so long)…..  I have a thought on my mind for this Monday!

It’s a thought that STINGS when I think about it.  But it’s that good kinda sting, the kind that you know is helping THRU the hurt.  Making me better.  Longterm.

So here goes!   My Monday Motivation:



Ask yourself this:
“What kinda team would my team be, if everyone was a consultant like me?”


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