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All good things must be shared, right? The same way you don’t miss an opportunity to tell your friends about your new favorite new drink, or movie, or makeup!   Or even a perfect stranger, if the subject comes up…. you’ll share your favorites without hesitation!

And for a second, think of the way it makes you feel when someone shares a neat idea, or product with you?  Even if you don’t ever intend to use it, you feel thankful that they took the time, and cared enough, right?

So, why is it that we feel so scared to “talk Scentsy” (interject your product) to someone?  Especially about the business opportunity!  I used to feel so scared that someone would feel like I was being pushy, which is a trait I cannot stand!  My stomach would be in knots at the thought of actually bringing up the subject!

But then after I started to do it, I found that it really wasn’t so bad, because people genuinely appreciated me thinking of them.  And even if they didn’t need the extra money, or products, or social interactions, they were never offended that I mentioned it!

And now my team is FULL of people that are THANKFUL that I didn’t keep the opportunity to myself!  Everything’s sweeter with a buddy, right?

But what helped me get from point a to point b???   SCRIPTS!
 I just never knew what to say, and I was ALWAYS afraid of saying the wrong thing!  It wasn’t until I borrowed the scripts of others that I found the confidence to get out of my comfort zone!  And then…. I wasn’t as afraid anymore!   So, I started out with scripts I found in the Mary Christensen book, Be a Recruiting SuperStar.  And the very first month I read the book, I recruited 7 people to my Scentsy team!!!  Then I moved beyond using hers, and found that I could come up with my own!
(I felt like a million dollars when my OWN wording worked, and someone signed up with me because of something I had come up with!!!!)

Now, it didn’t happen overnight!   I memorized, practiced, memorized and practiced Mary Christensen’s scripts DAILY!  Because I wanted to be READY at all times!  And I was!

So I’m going to give you one of my “Laura Scripts”…. and hopefully you’ll like it enough to memorize & practice it, and USE it on AT LEAST 2 people tomorrow!    Here it is:

“I don’t know if you know anyone who needs extra cash right now or not, but I’m telling you, there’s SO many perks of joining Scentsy in August!  AND It’s still just $99!  Anyway, if you know of anyone, let me know, I’d love to share all the perks with them!!!” 











Now, be ready for their “YES I KNOW SOMEONE!” response by having your notebook ready to take down contact info!  you don’t have to do/say it all right then & there.  Especially if it’s your waitress, grocery store cashier, or starbucks barista!  They’re not at liberty to discuss it all right then, and you’ll cheapen the communication by rushing!


  1. Get their info
  2. set up the best time to chat with them
  3. and move ON!  
  4. Tell them you’re excited before you leave!   

And lastly, if you are unsure of the perks, be sure to visit your company’s news tab, or current events site, or contact your sponsor.   Know your stuff!

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