Monday Motivation- deposits & withdrawals of your business

I cannot wait to stay home long enough to finally have time to share all of the things I’m learning!  It’s been trip after trip this month.  But I’ve had a thought on my heart about expecting more from our business than we put into it.  What an unhealthy routine to get into.  It sure sets us up for disappointment and discouragement.  

If I’m not getting what I want from my customers or my team, then I immediately ask myself , “Have I “put enough” into them recently?”

Ideas of how you can ‘make deposits’ into your customers:

  • regular communication (like follow up or telling them about the monthly special
  • VIP DEALS like a free goody (lip gloss, dryer disk, circle, samples) with a order

Ideas of how you can ‘make deposits’ with your team: 

  • regular communication (like follow up or reminding them about specials and corporate news)
  • PRAISE!!!
  • have coffee or Skype chats (FaceTime) once a month
  • post cards, letters, or some form of 'snail mail' to encourage them or recognize them
  • incentives (like a $5 sonic gift card for whomever recruits your team's 5th person!)

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