meeting your quota using what you sell

Having trouble meeting the 3 month quota for staying ACTIVE with Scentsy?  $150 for 3 months may seem like a lot if you don’t have customers.  But usually if you USE what you sell…. then people will notice & ask you to buy for them.   
Here’s the Quota defined:
3 month quota explained




Below you will find our Godwin Scentsy 3 month supply & I hope it helps you get creative with how you use what you sell!



Let’s begin with $150
here’s what our family of 3 use in a typical 3 month period

($25) – 6 pk of bars (2 bars/month) 
($8) – 1 room spray
($5) – one pack of bulbs 

—– now we are down to $112 (and I am not going to lie,,, some months we use more than 2 bars, but I’m just trying to set the standard low for those of you with fewer warmers than me)

($17) – 3 pk car bars (1 for each vehicle, 1 for Luke’s closet)  
($50) – Laundry Love (I supplement OXYCLEAN  for Luke’s ball uniforms or REALLy dirty stuff)

—– whoop whoop!!! we are under $50 now!!!  

($10) – handsoap (sometimes we need to buy more than 1 every 3 months, but these things last a LONG time)
($10) – counter clean (um, this stuff is awesome sauce – not kidding) 

—– $25 left, wow!!!

($14) – kitchen soap (I supplement with Dawn for extra yucky sinkfuls, 3 drops of each)
($15) – gift time!  (every 3 months SOMEONE has a birthday party, and I’m buying buddy clip or bath smoothie)

SEE? that wasn’t too painful was it?  
Of course, you may have a diffuser & want to add on a ($10) essential oil, or maybe you have fallen in love with the ($14) moisturizing body bar!  Or perhaps your rugs need a perk-me-up with the Scentsy FRESH ($12) or even a new warmer!!!!


I can’t help but be baffled when someone says they can’t meet the quota…   I truly believe if you use what you sell, then you’ll be SHOCKED at how people notice & want you to place orders for them!  

I get it, life happens.  People get put in hospitals.  There are births.  Divorces.  Life gets sticky.  Remember, if you cannot meet the 3 month quota, then you can call into SUPPORT & request a hold to be placed on your account.  18778550617

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