life is messy

Sometimes life is messy.  for everyone.  

No, we don’t always put our mess on facebook, and most of us have been raised to answer “good” when asked how we are doing.  But it doesn’t mean everything is good.  

This is how my desk looks right now, and pretty much every day, at any given time….  
messy desk







(I’m being vulnerable here by posting this, cause if you said you were coming over, I’d have hidden all that mess in a drawer! LOL) 

Part homeschool, part Scentsy, part leadership, part lunch (yep, a smoothie cause I don’t have time to COOK!), part junk.  

And if this shocks you, you should see my SINK of dirty dishes!!!  (I’m not that vulnerable yet to post a pic!)

But it’s the truth!  We all feel like everyone else has it all together… and sometimes that feeling throws us off our ” a game” because we know we don’t have it all together.  So we tell ourselves we can not be awesome.  #wrong 

Just be you.  Mess & all.  Constantly look to improve yourself…  and clear the clutter as often as you can.  

Now I have to go, because I still cannot find my keys.  Luke lost them while playing in the woods 2 days ago….  #truestory  See?  You just don’t know how crazy someone’s life may be, cause we are taught (& rightly so) to put our best face forward.  
Say a prayer we find them….  and until next time, don’t judge yourself so harshly…  ease up!  You CAN be a huge success in life and still have messy days, and messy desks!  =)

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