Lemonade Cleanse helpful hints

If you’ve taken up the challenge last weekend to lose inches and toxins with me by way of the Lemonade Cleanse…  then by now, you’re probably beginning to see some fantastic results!!!

Skinnier tummy for sure…
Smoother, clearer skin!!!
Much more restful sleep.

But you had to go through some rough times didn’t ya?

Sugar cravings?  Carbs calling your name?  SCREAMING your name, actually!  GROUCHINESS!!!!!!!  Fatigue ?


Well, you HUNG IN THERE, and now you see it’s starting to pay off!  And just WAIT! It gets better in the next few days…

Here’s some info you may find helpful if this is your first time:

1) the inside of your mouth may peel some…. this isn’t scary, just drink more water.
2) make sure you are ‘going’.  Try laxative tea or whatever works for you.  I drink warm oolong tea. =)
3) don’t skimp on the water.  1/2 of your weight in ounces. period.  DISTILLED PERIOD!
4) form a support group!  Tell your best friend or spouse so they can encourage you.  The first 3 days are THE WORST.  Don’t put yourself in places where you can easily become weak.  LIKE, yesterday, while the entire house was munching on Sunday lunch… I went upstairs and took a nap!  I knew my limitations!!   Then I came home to cook for someone having surgery, and the Devil kept saying… “One taste won’t hurt”.  SO,  I had to get Marcus to put the completed recipe in the fridge. =)  BE STRONG for the results!!!
5) yes, you will realize you should’ve planted 4 lemon trees last fall…  but compare the expense of this to co-pays, WeightWatchers, gym memberships, etc…
6) Cayenne pepper is God-awful.  It’s optional but has TONS of health benefits, and is a GREAT additive to this lemonade if you can stand it.  I can’t.  Marcus adds it.  It’s your decision.  But it’s not for me.
7)  Plastics absorb some of the crucial minerals/vitamins in the lemon juice…. so store your lemonade in glass containers unless you have a BPA free, #2 plastic container.  I recommend glass 10 times over even the BEST PLASTICS.  
8) Sip on your lemonade through out the day.  Don’t use it for ‘meal’ time only.  EVERY TIME you feel a bit hungry, drink up.  2 bottles for most women, and men can drink more if needed.
9) You WILL probably get a headache… this is normal when you cleanse.  If you followed my instructions for how to prepare for this, you shouldn’t have one, or if so, it won’t be very bad.
10) You WILL be grouchy.  Once again, you are cleansing…. maybe even ridding your body of a LIFETIME of toxins and junk.  This is a HUGE FEAT, and your body is working overtime.  Remind your loved ones that you may feel bad… and for that, you may spend a lot of time by yourself during the first 3 days.


Good Luck and I cannot WAIT to hear your results!!! Post on my facebook wall or message me!

I’m in your corner!!!  Be strong!!!!!!!

You GOT This
Until tomorrow, DRINK UP!!!


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