launching LEADERSHIP of LOVE

Something has been on my heart for a while now.  And in the last few weeks, God has confirmed it over & over again.  I’m to start a new journey sharing leadership ideas.  I fought it internally for so long because I don’t feel “equipped” or “naturally gifted” in this area.  But I am SURE that I’m supposed to do it… so in the brave style of Mel Robbins… 5-4-3-2-1 and I’m doing it!  (if you want to learn more about her incredible coaching, click here!)

LEADERSHIP of LOVE is a mission of my heart.

A place where I combine not just HOW TO LEAD, but show you how to prepare YOURSELF for the task.  
A place where the to-do list isn’t the only focus.  But mental preparedness & heartfelt delivery are the aim.  

If you aren’t ready, then how you be effective at leadership?
Here’s a quick, silly video to tell you a little more: 

I’m ready to help you LEAD like never before…. and you’re gonna love yourself a whole lot more in the mean time….
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